Unknown Canyon – Eastern AZ

This is a difficult hike into a very secluded canyon in eastern Arizona. After the drive down numerous dirt roads you will find yourself at the edge of an incredible and beautiful canyon. There are few ways to the bottom so you need to be very careful about how you get down. The first time I went I climbed straight down the cliff and found that to be extremely dangerous. So the best way I found to get to the bottom was to scramble down a rock slide section to the bottom. Once at the bottom you are greeted with towering walls around you and some serenely clear water. There are several waterfalls here that range from 7 feet to the biggest fall cascading at 60 feet. There is not much of a trail at the bottom so just continue down stream until you find the falls. Which is only about a 20 minute hike from the point we went down. The first spot we always stop at is a little 7 foot waterfall. Some swimming and relaxing here is nice after the hike down into the canyon. Then we pack up again and hike all the way to the big falls. It is crazy to think that there are waterfalls and a crystal clear creek in the middle of the desert.


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