Devils Chasm – Sierra Ancha Wilderness

The ruins in devils chasm are such a spectacular and well preserved piece of history. After a long drive down a rough dirt road; and several river crossings you arrive at the trailhead for devils chasm. Once you begin your hike you soon realize that it will be entirely uphill to the ruins. A nice creek runs for the duration of the hike and is very pleasant to hear the running water. The trail is roughly 4 miles round trip and the elevation gain is 2160ft. After hiking for some time you reach the most narrow part of the canyon that has a small cascading waterfall. It may be tricky for some but it was quite exciting getting to do some scrambling up this slippery falls. We now approached a nice box section where a rather large boulder had wedged itself blocking the canyon. We climbed some ropes on the right side of the canyon to climb and squeeze up through a passage around the boulder. As we hiked farther up the trail we passed some other hikers who were on their way down. As this was our first hike up devils chasm they warned us that the final climb up to the ruins was quite steep and treacherous. Unwavered we continues on to the final climbing section. The other hikers could not have been more correct on their warnings. The final ascent up to the ruins was a rather slippery scramble up soft dirt and loose rocks. We were on all fours at certain points using roots and vegetation for any foothold or anchor possible. Once we arrived at the ruins the views were spectacular! You could overlook the entire valley and canyon below. There were only 4 rooms but were still very well preserved. One room even had the roof sticks and rocks still intact. After we enjoyed some snacks and took in the views we began our hike back down.

After some speculating and thinking back on the ruins it definitely was a very strategic location for the native people who lived in the ruins. They could oversee the whole valley making it very difficult for enemies to sneak up on them. They also had a very good clean and constant water source not too far away. They must have been in top physical shape as well because hiking up and down every single day.


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